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5 trends for the SUMMER

2020 has started already and we couldn't be more excited for summer! I mean, after long three months into a deep and rigorous winter, nothing better than relax in a beach wearing our favorite bathing suit and feeling that warmness on our skin.... oh, summer!

So, if you are also thinking about the best time of the year, where the vacation call you out - and you feel the NEED to enjoy every free time, you must check those 5 top trends to make you even more stylish and pretty:

#1 Scarves all around

So, lets say that this is not a new trend, but its a MUST still and you need to keep your eyes on it. Scarves are a great choose for outfits not obvious, bringing that style right on the look. Also, if you are leaving for a vacation and doesn't have too much space on your luggage, with only one scarf you get many different looks for everyday of your trip!

#2 Slip all: skirts and dresses

Okay, this is one of my favorite trends and I will explain why: doesn't really matter your body type, the slip dress or skirt will let you more elegant and feminine - and really fresh during the high temperatures season! It's simple, comfortable and easy to go either to a brunch with friends or a party with that boy... so, if I was you, I would run to make sure you have this item on you closet by the time of summer (or spring) <3

#3 Kitten heels sandals

These sandals are the most cute and stylish that you will even see on the streets... the heels are not extremely high, the stripes give it some delicateness and you can wear with skirts, dresses, pants... I am completely sure you will fall in love with them after those inspiration pics:

#4 Chunky shoes

These shoes are still ON! Its been at least 3 seasons since this style got the m lost fashionable women around the globe! Even tho at the beginning many people thought it would not be a thing.... today no one can skip of falling in love with them. For summer, invest on the stripes models one so it will give you the comfortable + stylish + fresh combo look!

#5 Bangs bang

Bangs are a trend that the 70's brought back to us! I will tell you that I love this cut and I have tried it myself. Even tho I still think its super trendy and gives you the Parisian vibes, you need to keep in mind your hair and if it will be easy for you to get ready everyday for work without losing your patience! Check some inspirations and, believe me, they are addicting!

So, let me know: which one of those 5 trends is your favorite?

I can't wait for summeeeer! YAY!!


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