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I wonder...

Something that have always made me wonder about MYSELF was all the times that I have received a 'no' in some job interview. Most of them was during my chase for an internship ~ that was a MUST for me to get my degree in Fashion ~ and, in a matter of time (for the end of my graduation) I haven't find the job yet.

Of course my college didn't make things easier: the job and the company needed to be so specific, about the role and etc that was complicated to match everything on time.

So, before I got the only one internship that was accepted for the Internship Sector in my university, I have had so many experiences that were really valuable, that made me really grow up - as a person and a professional. But, guess what? The companies don't looks to care about your background and all the positivity that you have lived before that moment. Even thought they will always say that they love interesting people that have lived 'a lot'.

Thinking about it makes me wonder...

What is the real deal that calls the attention of the amazing lady responsible to sign your contract and deposit your salary on your account?

If you opened this post looking for this answer, I am sorry, but I also don't know. Until today I still not able to understand how the interviews, and the questions, and the analysis in your curriculum - and personality - really works. I just don't know why I have been rejected so many time, even been a competent professional in my field, with a really good portfolio and with DESIRE to learn and work.

Recently I was chasing with a good friend of mine e, while we were on the phone, I could not stop myself wondering why he was still unemployed. A extremely nice and good vibe guy, always in a good mood, who loves to meet people, super smart, with an impressive degree... but he just can't fit in any company - or in any job opportunity.

I thought with myself: I would hired him for sure! Mas, what if I wouldn't? What if I was in the other side of the table and just didn't really like what he shows to me? Maybe the problem is the communication. Maybe is an inefficient communication what is happening and keeping him, and even me, far from getting our dream job. Or maybe I just am not looking into the right field.

I have a degree in Fashion Design and, for so many years I have dreamed about working in a store in my city that I was so in love with! For the sales associate I have applied, at least, three times because I wanted to be part of that brand so badly and I didn't care where I would start there. But they have never called me for an interview. So, then, I found out that they had an internship program, and it made my eyes shine soooooo much! I thought with myself THIS IS MY MOMENT! But wasn't and, again, they never called me for an interview. I even searched, found, reached out to the person responsible for the hires - just to check if they had, at least, received my resume and cover letter.... and, again, no answer. I decided to understand that, maybe, that company was not for me. Maybe I just wasn't the kinda of person that they were looking for and - definitely - that they communication was sh*tty!

In anyway, after a while, I found an internship that made me really proud and happy, that gave an upgrade to my resume and, also, taught me a lot. It was not my first option, but definitely was worth it.

And, maybe, this is my realization for so many questions: sometimes the problem will not be you, or your resume, or your portfolio or whatever. Sometimes is just the fact that ~you~

are not who they are really searching for. And this is not the end of the world.

So, don't let you down. At least for more than two days hahah your moment is coming, and you can be sure of it. Maybe won't be so magical, or special, or amazing as you have always dreamed, but will be YOUR moment, and this is what matters. Some MAKE it worth!

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