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Is being healthy a challenge for you?

Hey you!

Today I came here to talk about my very own experience transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

I have never been a really healthy person, a lot of sugar and fast food and my first time to the gym was in 2018. My body has changed over the years, but nothing really expressive, and my weight has been mostly the same since I turned into an adult. But in the last year or so I have noticed that I am always tired, having migraines constantly, my whole body bothers me the whole time…

Okay, you must be wondering if I did something magical or something has changed drastically and I felt the need to share it with you. Well, I have bad news: this is not why I am writing all these words. But in the last few months I have sought more deeply to change my lifestyle and, slowly, I have seen things to get better - and this is what I came to share with you. 

I have joined a community that has a huge mindset, spirituality, health support. It has allowed me to feel more inspired to seek a different lifestyle in many different ways. Recently I started the Morning Challenge, to wake up early during quarantine: as I work from home, it became really easy to start my day anytime that my body desired to, especially in this new time, where everyone is home and feeling demotivated. 

After a couple of weeks it wasn’t a challenge for me anymore. I started waking up early and having a nice morning routine that allowed me to, by 8 am, have SO MUCH done for myself, every day. It made me feel motivated and energetic again. After that, I included two other challenges into my routine: Yoga and Gratitude. 

The Yoga challenge results in 14 days with daily practice, and I convinced my husband to join me. It has turned into our new activity together, and every morning we have our Yoga class (through the community platform that I am participating in) together ~ after our warm water with lemon (a new habit too!!).

The gratitude I have been doing by myself. It’s 28 days practicing gratitude in every and all the levels. I am in the middle, but it has been really enjoyable and helped me to change my mindset to a more positive way, where I can appreciate the small things, every day. 

My food habits are, slowly, changing as well. I have reduced the caffeine into my body, started drinking the warm water with lemon juice before eating anything else. For my meals I have been following some healthier recipes that my community has available, and I feel more open to healthier meals than before. I also started taking some capsules that give me the nutrients and vitamins from more than 30 different fruits and vegetables, and also omega, every day. I am definitely balancing my body, ingesting more nutrients, and feeling into my body and mind. 

I invite you to try the same. Not because of the way you look, but because of the way you feel. If your body is showing you some signs that your routine hasn’t been balanced enough if your mind is always low energy and not helping you in a positive way through these rough times… please, listen to the signs and help yourself. 

Start with baby steps: allowing the fruits and vegetables more often into your meals, drinking more water, and trying a physical activity that you enjoy doing (for me, it’s been Yoga). Try meditation, or guided meditation, or plugging your headphones into your ears and just disconnect for a little while from your phone and computer. 

Corona has given us the time that we ALL needed, to think and find out about what we want, what we like, or not. Before letting your mind wander and get paranoid, try to take the best from the situation, helping yourself to keep the high energy and positive attitude!

If you would like to have more info about my community and how it can also help you, don’t hesitate in DM on Instagram (@ingridrosenbrg) and I would LOVE to guide you through this beautiful journey. 


Ingrid Miranda Rosenberg

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