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  • Ingrid Miranda

The mental challenge for Home Office - in this pandemia

Who else is dealing with working from home, right now? I believe most of us are doing it for the COVID-19. As much cool that it can sound, like 'yay I don't need to go out everyday @ 7am', it is also challenging for us to keep the same productivity - and not lose the coolness.

I feel that, in this moment, everybody is wondering how things are going to look like after all this crisis. I am wondering too, and this 'unknown' gives us anxiety and - at treat in my case, makes me go around freaking out and keeping my inner peace.

I have been working from home for a while by now, and I am used to stay home all day, for most of the days. But now I have a company: my husband is also doing home office because of this pandemia. So, as much I want to keep my routine, now I have two challenges:

- deal with someone else home, and this includes be strong enough to not crash into the couch and end the Netflix together;

- deal with my mental health, that is scared of this whole situation and gives me a deep laziness where I DON'T KNOW what to do ("should I been doing an online course and enjoy this time to be more productive?" | "should I enjoy this moment for myself and really analyze what I want to do with my own life and dreams" | "stop trying to do something and just accept that I cannot concentrate in anything right now" ....)

I don't feel any more creative, or willing to create something. What I know is that I do miss my family, my friends. I wish I could be with them right now, going through this time together. I do know that I still having so many dream but, at the same time, I wonder what I am doing with my life and if I am too old already to restart and keep seeking my own dream-life.

I see my friends reacting in so many different ways during this crisis moment. Some of them are really okay and just doing what they used to do already. Others are just like ~crazy~ suffering for the whole world and all the different consequences of this virus. I feel that I am in between, like, doing nothing. I feel guilty for not taking an online course or getting more into Yoga. I feel guilty because my body feels deeply lazy, my mind feels like its going to colapse and... I still don't know where I want to be, or if I am in the right path.

What is the social acceptability for my own actions during this time?

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