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We want to help you tell your story. Our mission is to provide personalized Social Media support and strategies focused on growing your business and building your brands legacy. 


We are Subject Matter Experts in Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Instagram User Experience Audits, Professional Content Strategy, Creative Studios, and much more!


We specialize in working with coaches and independent professionals, emphasizing humanized interactions and authenticity.


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Ingrid Miranda

Founder, Social Media Strategist, and Fashion Enthusiast


about the founder

I have always been a creative person. Since a young age, inspired by my dad, I have had the space to express my creativity through paintings, collages, and storytelling. My family's guidance reinforced my passion for entrepreneurship and my desire to create something of my own.

At age of 8 years old, I used to make beaded bracelets for friends, which eventually led me to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. I knew that I was creative, but I wanted to learn how to use this gift professionally. In college, I had plenty of space to try design, marketing, painting, and, of course, creating my own clothes.

When I was 21 years old, I was fortunate enough to study abroad for one semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back then, I dreamed about traveling the world, but I had never gone far from home. The experience of living in a new city, all by myself, opened my eyes to what seeing the world could actually mean.

In the past decade, I have allowed myself to be as free as my parents taught me: learning different skills, having different jobs, and traveling as much as I could afford. All this was with the intention of expanding my mind, seeing what life means to different people, and finding my own path.

And here I am. Transitioning from the corporate sphere in NYC, where I honed my skills with renowned brands like Dolce & Gabbana, No7 Beauty Co., and Pat McGrath LABS, I decided to leave the corporate world and use all these experiences to build my business and pursue my passion.

Making a significant impact in Social Media is my ultimate goal, as I have nurtured a deep love for digital connections. After living in over four countries and traveling through four continents, Social Media has allowed me to stay in touch with all the amazing people I have met, along with family and friends from my hometown. The yearning for creative fulfillment led me to launch my Social Media agency, The Social Lab.

My strategies come from certifications, but mostly from observing and connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This allows me to empower brands to connect with their audience and elevate their online presence authentically, understanding who they are communicating with.

I invite you to join me on this journey to redefine Social Media as a space for genuine connections and positive impact!

I'm eager to connect with you further and create something remarkable together!


Ingrid Miranda

How I can help you

Professional Branding for Entrepreneurs, Social Media Management, Social Strategies, Art Direction, Photo and Video Edition, Web Design, Storytelling.


Onyx Business Academy

June 2023

Onyx, Bali

Copywriting and Digital Marketing

May 2022

Rock Content, Brazil


November 2021

Perestroika, Brazil

Networking and Entrepreneurship

November 2019

PUSH, Steal The Look, Brazil

Intensive Global Fashion Business and Advanced ESL Business Writing

Marketing Program, 2018


Cool Hunter

October 2016

MASD, Buenos Aires, AR


Fashion Design
2013 . 2018
FUMEC University, Brazil

Fashion Design, Exchange Student
Universidade Argentina de la Empresa, Argentina

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