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  • Ingrid Miranda

Why should your business be on Instagram?

Or even better:

Why should you invest time and energy creating your profile?

Let me ask you something.... when was the last time that you checked your Instagram app? 5, 10, 30 minutes ago? Now imagine all the people who live in your street, in your neighborhood, in your town. The truth is that most of these people have an account on the platform that they check very often.

Visibility is definitely the ice on the cake when it comes to having your own brand, but below I have separated some more reason why you should market your business online:

  1. Visual Platform: Instagram is primarily a visual platform, making it ideal for business to showcase their services or products. It is like having a beautiful store with a great visual merchandising on 5th avenue, in NYC - but not needing to rely on having people walking by your door, or even entering into the physical store ;)

  2. Wide Reach: With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram offers a huge audience for business to connect with potential customers globally.

  3. Engagement: It is a great platform for building relationships and brand loyalty! Users interact more compared to other social media platforms.

  4. Analytics: with a business/entrepreneur/creator account you are able to track your analytics from previous posts, and this can really assist your marketing strategy when creating new content. Having this date in your hands is better than pure gold (okay, maybe not that better) because gives you the opportunity to redirect you direction if necessary by understanding what your audience have been enjoying or not.

Instagram Analytics

The list with reason are much longer, but here is where your mindset needs to be before getting into the platform or, if you are there already, before investing on a Social Media Manager or Strategist to assist you with the marketing: it is primordial that you have clarity of who is your audience and the goals that you want to achieve with each post. Is it more followers, more visits to your website, bigger brand awareness?

The clarity aspect of the marketing is a very important step, as it will pave the way for all of your strategies and content creation. The value that you bring to your community is unique and special, and once you understand how to communicate it properly on your Instagram, you then can start rewarding your business with all the advantages of being out there!

Instagram offers businesses a unique platform to drive engagement, grow their brand and customer base. Tailoring the approach based on your specific industry, target audience, and marketing goals is key!

If you understand the power of instagram, and are still unsure how to proceed, or what type of content create, or feel overwhelmed with all the noise all there... you may need some help! Working with a Social Media Manager allows you to have more free time to focus in the parts of your company that you must be present, while we work in putting your brand out there to communicate with the right people. It sounds great, doesn't it? What are you waiting to send us a message and book a free Discovery Call with us? We cant wait to create something amazing together!

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