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At The Social Lab we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and stand out in the crowded digital space.

With a personalized approach, we work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your unique brand and target audience.


Social Media Management 

Social Media Audit 

Feed Branding

Instagram Strategy

The Social Lab by Ingrid Miranda

Founder, Social Strategist, and Fashion Enthusiast

The Social Lab by Ingrid Miranda was created with the intention to encourage authenticity and self-expression by allowing ideas to flow organically, resonating one's true passion. I use my International Marketing Analysis experience to create a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics. I believe your social presence should harmoniously connect with your audience, demonstrating your value proposition and giving a behind-the-scenes look into you, the creator behind the vision. 


This is our Lab - where creativity flourishes freely, unbounded by the constraints of trends and gurus of Marketing. Allow me to help you level- up your brand and bring your intentions to life. 

Ingrid Miranda, the founder of The Social Lab


Branding & Social Media Management

Manifesting Guide Cover

Free Ebook

The Ultimate Guide for Manifesting
your Dream Business 

I always tell my clients that your business's success begins within YOU. You are the only person who needs to believe in making it happen. 


Want to learn how to shift your mindset into a more positive one? Use my curated guide to start manifesting your life's intentions and begin the journey of believing and creating your reality.

The Manifesting cover
Ingrid is the go to person for content creation and design. She’s quick, creative and has an energizing attitude when it comes to building our presence online. She’s especially talented with providing instruction. 

Barbara Zhivanaj, CA

Are you ready to elevate 
your presence in digital space?

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