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At The Social Lab we are dedicated to helping you tell your brands story.

Our mission is provide proven social media strategies and support that will help grow your business and build your brand legacy.

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Ingrid Miranda The Social Lab

Founder, Social Media Manager & Mentor, and Fashion Enthusiast

Ingrid here to tell you I used to have a stable corporate job, just like everyone else. But one day, my boss told me something that would forever change my way to see the corporate ladder:

"You are not paid to think, but to follow orders."


Those words hit me hard. I knew, in that moment, that was time to pursue my own dream, to build a business that aligned with my values and allowed me to work towards something meaningful.

The Social Lab was born from this desire for authenticity and self-expression in the digital world. Here, ideas flow organically, resonating with true passion. This is our Lab—where creativity flourishes freely, unbounded by trends and marketing gurus. Let me help you elevate your brand and tell you unique story to the world.

We are thrilled to have found Ingrid; she has been very professional and punctual with all the deliverables. Working with the Social Lab has been the best addition to our team, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration for a long time to come!

La Ostaietta, Colombia

Are you ready to elevate 
your presence in digital space?

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